How To Make Your Website More Beautiful With The Help Of Calgary Web Designers

Having a beautiful website is never easy as there are many planning stages as well as some bits of programming which you need to consider in making it more beautiful.  Usually, you will see websites that look alike basically because they copy each other discretely for the overall looks, features, and even divisions they might use.  Additionally, when presenting a good website, you will need a good artwork or graphic that may attract visitors to your site and possibly make them stay there.  If you’re used to surfing the net, it is possible that you have been seen boring looking pages that you did not waste enough time reading or absorbing their content.  Admit it.  We’ve all been there at some point.

Top Calgary Web Design Company

Calgary Web Design Company

If you’ve never had any experience designing websites before or that you relatively have no idea how a good design works out in having visitors to your site to stay longer, then it is crucial that you hire professionals to do the work for you.  People from Calgary web designs have the experience and passion to help you with such tasks.  For people like us, designing a beautiful website can be very difficult and will take us many days before we even figure out what to do here and what to do there.  But for Calgary web designers, this type of task is relatively easy thanks to their vast experience in making and designing websites.  Whatever your platform is, they will be able to accommodate your website design request.

The crews from Calgary website design are professionals and are seasoned website designers.  They know what their customers want and will design the website scheme they are developing according to their client’s want and taste while taking into consideration the type of niche the website has.  This is actually one of the reasons why many website owners are being drawn in having their website design be made by Calgary web designers because their overall design philosophy actually helps in attracting visitors to their website to stay longer and possibly even bookmark and share the website link with their friends.  This in essence adds further traffic to their webpage.

Make Your Website More User-Friendly With The Help Of Calgary Web Designers

The user-friendliness of a website is something that can never be ignored.  If you have ever visited a website that is difficult or confusing to maneuver around on, especially if you are selling something and the payment system is a bit difficult and somewhat messed up, then it is likely that you will not want to stay or even buy from that online shop as you may be forgiven to think that the payment system is also messed up and that you may even get charged without even completing the transaction.  This is actually the difficulty of some websites as their user-friendliness is often neglected for the purpose of being able to show more products on a single page.  If you’re offering multiple products and you do not have the ‘add to cart’ option, then your overall selling and payment system should be completely overhauled.

Calgary Web Design

Calgary Web Design

If you are a website owner and an online shop at that, it should be emphasized that you should make your website more user-friendly because it helps to make potential customers stay in your website longer and possibly look for more things they can buy that you offer.  If you have difficulty trying to make your website user-friendly or barely have any idea on how to make it as such, then you should look into hiring professionals to do the work for you.  This type of investment will pay off in the end as you will practically see more sales than if you let your website stay the way it is.

When it comes to website design and development, Calgary web design are the ones to choose and look for.  They actually have a lot of experience over the matter and they will certainly be able to make your website look how you may like it while suggesting certain changes of course.  Calgary web designers also have the necessary tools and knowhow on how to make your online shop look more attractive and how to make the stuff you sell look more desirable.  This is why if you want your website to look better and feel better, Calgary website designs are the people who can help you.

Disc Assessment: Contribution to Employee Training and Development

Numerous corporations are using disc assessment to determine the particular training suitable for every character and personality of every employee. It costs few dollars but training, if done properly will turn employees into useful individuals that will turn the company into a money-making machine.

Disc assessment will establish the right training method that will help improve employees’ skills especially in providing service. Here are the reasons that training is not a good investment.

  1. Happy employees equal happy customers – Training and development improves employees’ interpersonal skills. Implementing trainings will make every member of the organization feel that they’re important. It will motivate them and in return they will do their best to get a high level of customer satisfaction.


Everybody deserves to be happy, employees and clients alike. Happy and satisfied customers will be patronizing the service of the company because of the employees’ exceptional customer service skills.


  1. Creativity, productivity and efficiency are enriched – Complete and proper training and skills development will teach employees how to be creative and productive. Doing the job well will increase the loyalty meter of clients. Remember that customer-satisfaction relies on you being efficient.


Disc assessment will determine employees with this kind of weakness and aids it with employee training. Loyal customers always bring money to the company where they belong.


  1. It produces trustworthy and knowledgeable people – Employee training imparts knowledge to individuals in the company. That knowledge and value is important in filling critical positions in a higher level.


Training and skills development is preparing you to become a leader someday. Leaders should know how the company works to be profitable. Having full-skilled individual in an organization makes the whole management feel secure.

Corporations see training and development as a way to make money. It’s true that companies are more profitable if their employees are well-trained in rendering good service. Training increases the rate of good customer satisfaction. That’s why employees prefer organizations who offer employee trainings.

Also, this becomes the basis of other members whether to stay or leave their current employers. Training opportunity is definitely a factor of profitability and it has become one of the top deciding factors of choosing an organization.

Best CRM Sales Software For Small Business…

Sales management for your business can be very hectic be it big or small. Are you tired of trying to organize your clients, contacts and processes? Is it taking a toll on you? Do you want to find a solution for your problem? It’s simple really, a CRM sales management software.

In order for your business to maintain and strengthen its customer’s relationships and also improve your sales, you need to use this software. Are you are wondering how a software can help with your business. This is how;

It is cost-effective
Instead of each employee’s data being stored in different drives, writing or scribbling down notes on sticky notes all around your work place, it is stored centrally in one place. This in place, helps you reduce the number of workers you manage and the amount of resources you need and to deal with. As compared to the traditional method of business it’s much cheaper and smoother.

Enhances customer satisfaction
Address, customer name, issues and complaints, account information, status in order and so on, are some of the fields that are very important in this software. It helps the customer representatives track the customer’s order simply by a few mouse clicks. It will also help the customer to solve his issues without having to contact several departments. Which would be time consuming and tiring.

Increased marketing and sales
This software helps improve customer understanding. You, as the business owner is able to understand the needs, wants and preferences of your customers. Their orders are packaged as per the customer’s specific preference helped by the deeper understanding of different customers. The customers are offered special recognition which helps the relationship of the two parties’ strengthen.

However, there is one specific CRM sales management software that stands out from all the rest. This is It uses the email unlike the rest that use mobile or web, you are given a specific email address, such as It acts like your own personal assistant. This saves you time and the monotony of signing into another application.

The question you are asking what you could use it for. It is simple really, you could use it to add a note, a task, to add or update a contact a contact and to add a profile picture. All you need to do is hashtag commands to actions.

For example;
#Name Nancy Drew
#phone 07981-555-555
#note just had a meeting with Nancy and she is interested in getting
#tags cosmetic surgery
#type lead
#sales-flow cosmetic surgery
#profile picture attached

This will automatically add Nancy’s contacts, sales-flow, email address and even the picture you take of her to ClickHook. It’s like having your own assistant. ClickHook helps you build your different sales-flows and automatically list any actions. In each sales-flows you can add as many as you want. You can also add several stages in them and add actions.

ClickHook simply makes operating your business simpler and easier. It will solve you organizational issues in ways you could never imagine.

It is worth a try. Try it and realize the change in your business life. You will be amazed at how simple your life will become.

Plumbers In Calgary Are Costly!

If you are from Calgary then you know firsthand the cost of hiring a good plumber.  It is crazy how much they charge just to come fix a leaky faucet or whatever.  It’s hard to find someone you can trust.  One of the plumbers from Calgary that I’ve used on numerous occasions is ERM Calgary.  The owner, Christian, is a very honest guy and I’ve always felt like they cared about me.

You can go here and read their reviews:

As you can see they have stellar reviews from other people who hired them.


If you are looking for heating services click here.

Calgary Plumbers – ERM Plumbing

Looking For A Good Calgary SEO Company?

Finding a great SEO company can prove to be very difficult sometimes.  Most Calgary SEO companies don’t have the years of experience necessary to make sure they deliver results in a safe way.  There’s no point in getting results if you get penalized… and there’s no point in paying a company for SEO unless you get results (i.e. page 1 or top of Google and you get more business).

So how do you choose a good SEO company?

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. See if they are ranked on Google first page for their own website.  If they can’t rank their own website then what makes you think they can rank you?
  2. Ask if you can meet them face-to-face.  It’s best to meet them in person instead of them being in another country or whatever.
  3. See what they’ve done for other clients.  Ask them to show you past results from other clients and get referrals.
  4. Get them to tell you what to expect.  There’s nothing more important than proper expectations.
  5. Ask to see their contract.   If it is a year contract then run away.
  6. Get them to explain to you about Google Penguin and Panda and how they avoid penalties.
  7. Do NOT hire them if they are cheap.  Cheap SEO is dead… it doesn’t work anymore.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind.  If you want to hire one of the best companies in Calgary and Edmonton then check out: - they are very good!